AWWI Announces 2017 Board Leadership

(January 11, 2017) The American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI), a collaborative partnership of leaders in the wind energy industry, wildlife management agencies, and science and environmental organizations, is pleased to announce the election of Tim Hayes as Chair and Jim Murphy as Vice-Chair of AWWI’s 2017 Board of Directors.

Mr. Hayes is the Environmental Director at Duke Energy Renewables, a business unit of Duke Energy, one of the largest utilities in the country, and has been on the AWWI Board of Directors since 2013. Mr. Murphy serves as Senior Counsel to the National Wildlife Federation, a leading wildlife advocacy and conservation organization, and was elected to the AWWI Board in July 2016. Kelley Myers of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, representing the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, was also elected to the Executive Committee as Secretary. Justin Wheating from Renewable NRG Systems, a manufacturer of wind resource assessment and other wind energy related equipment will continue as Treasurer.

AWWI’s Board members are drawn equally from the wind energy industry and conservation organizations, building on shared goals and a truly collaborative approach to advance the development of wind power while conserving wildlife.

“From the perspective of a power utility, wind energy is providing affordably-priced, clean electricity and new economic growth to the country,” said Hayes. “AWWI is here to create the solutions we need to see those development trends continue while minimizing impacts to wildlife.”

“AWWI’s science is great, and the collaboration across sectors and the relationships built between industry companies and conservation organizations are irreplaceable,” continued Murphy. “Wind energy has a major role to play in mitigating climate change and we have to balance that need with responsible wildlife conservation.”

Through this collaborative approach, AWWI generates solutions that are grounded in the best available scientific research. In 2016, AWWI:

  • hosted the 11th biennial Wind Wildlife Research Meeting,
  • was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for award negotiations on two eagle technology minimization projects,
  • released the American Wind Wildlife Information Center Library to the public,
  • piloted a bat species distribution model for collision risk in Ontario, and
  • made significant progress on implementing models for eagle mitigation options

“AWWI is fortunate to bring together such a talented and committed group of partners and friends,” said Abby Arnold, AWWI Executive Director. “We have a lot of work to do, and under our new leadership I am confident we will move forward to face the challenges and opportunities of 2017.”

For more information on AWWI’s Board of Directors and a full list of Sustaining Partners and Friends, visit our website here.

Media contact: Joe Goergen, AWWI Outreach and Communications Associate, (202) 448-8778,

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