EverPower Wind Holdings and Xcel Energy Join a Vibrant AWWI

AWWI is delighted to announce that EverPower Wind Holdings and Xcel Energy have joined AWWI for the remainder of 2016 as Friends, bringing the AWWI wind-wildlife partnership to yet another record level this year. With EverPower Wind Holdings and Xcel Energy’s decision to join, AWWI now includes 23 wind energy companies and the American Wind Energy Association, and 10 national conservation and science organizations including the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

Xcel Energy is the nation’s No. 1 utility wind energy provider, according to American Wind Energy Association rankings. The utility delivers wind power from more than 6,500 MW of wind power generation on its system to electricity customers in eight Midwestern and Western states. “Wind energy is a clean energy source that provides customers with a broad range of economic and environmental benefits. As a nation, as individual companies, and as electricity customers, we have a stake in protecting wildlife while we expand our use of this clean energy source. AWWI’s work is critical in ensuring that we do so effectively,” said Patrick Flowers, Manager of Environmental Services.

EverPower is a rapidly-growing developer, owner, and operator of utility scale wind power projects in the U.S., with an estimated 1,000 MW of new wind power generation targeted to come online in the next three years. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, the company currently owns and operates 750MW, including from four projects in Pennsylvania.

“AWWI warmly welcomes EverPower Wind Holdings and Xcel Energy,” said AWWI executive director Abby Arnold. “The expertise and perspective that each brings will further strengthen the collaborative problem-solving that is AWWI.”