New Online Library Makes Wind-Wildlife Research Easily Accessible

AWWIC Library_square(November 28, 2016) The American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) today launched an online public Documents Library that makes it easy for researchers and for the public to look up existing wind-wildlife research.

“We are delighted to announce that the AWWIC searchable library is now open,” said AWWI Executive Director Abby Arnold. “This online public library is a milestone in our collaborative effort to foster and disseminate the science necessary to advance wind energy while protecting wildlife.”

The AWWIC Documents Library consolidates the growing body of wind-wildlife science. It makes available peer-reviewed wind-wildlife research, published articles and reports, and publicly available but un-published reports prepared for wind energy facilities in North America (both before and after construction).

The AWWIC Documents Library also offers a variety of search filters and capabilities based on criteria that are relevant to wind-wildlife, such as types of species, geographical location, and more, thereby saving time and making searches more accurate.

“With the AWWIC searchable Documents Library, researchers and the public can now access an exhaustive collection of scientific documents with a practical set of search tools,” said Dr. Taber Allison, Ph.D., AWWI Director of Research and Evaluation. “We anticipate that the library will provide a valuable service in making wind-wildlife research readily available and helping ground solutions in the science.”

The library is a feature of the new American Wind Wildlife Information Center (AWWIC), an AWWI initiative to expand the availability of wind-wildlife information and the analysis of wind-wildlife data.

To access the AWWIC Documents Library please click here.


About AWWI: The American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) is a partnership of leaders in the wind industry, wildlife management agencies, and science and environmental organizations who collaborate on a shared mission: to facilitate timely and responsible development of wind energy while protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat.

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