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Bats, Birds, Eagles, Grouse, Synthesis Report

Summary of Wind Power Interactions with Wildlife

This document summarizes publicly available information about the adverse impacts of land-based wind power on wildlife in North America and the status of our knowledge regarding how to avoid or minimize these impacts.

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Bats, Birds, Eagles, Grouse, Offshore, Synthesis JOURNAL ARTICLE

Impacts to Wildlife of Wind Energy Siting and Operation in the U.S.

This report provides provides a peer-reviewed synthesis of current, accurate, and properly contextualized information about the benefits of wind energy, adverse wind-wildlife impacts, efforts to find solutions, and recommended focus for future research.

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Synthesis Journal Article

Thinking Globally and Siting Locally

This article examines the trade-off between the potential local wildlife impacts of renewable energy, like wind, and the global consequences for wildlife of unchecked climate change.

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