National Wind Wildlife Research Plan 2020-2023

Hatchet Ridge, Pattern Energy

In 2017, AWWI published a National Wind Wildlife Research Plan to identify and prioritize key areas where additional, strategically targeted research investments are needed to advance: 1) Understanding of the nature and magnitude of the impacts of wind energy on wildlife and habitat; and 2) The development, evaluation, and widespread application of strategies to avoid, minimize, and compensate for those impacts when necessary to conserve healthy wildlife populations.

This updated Plan is a refresh of the 2017 document and includes an updated synthesis of research priorities based on the state-of-the-science for wind-wildlife impacts and efforts to avoid, minimize, and compensate for those impacts. This Plan outlines specific topics where additional, focused research investments are needed, and highlights AWWI’s focus and the anticipated outcomes 2020-2023, aiming to ensure that priorities are appropriate to the pace and scale of research to achieve the development of wind energy needed over the next 10-20 years to mitigate climate change while minimizing the wildlife impacts of this development.

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