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Looking for the latest scientific research on wind power and wildlife? This page is for you.

AWWI’s Technology Innovation program conducted an independent evaluation of the IdentiFlight camera-based eagle detection/curtailment technology. This proof-of-performance test evaluated IdentiFlight’s ability to detect and classify eagles by comparing its capabilities to those of human observers. Click here to view the publication. Click here to read a short summary of the results.

The AWWI-supported study, “A Comprehensive Analysis of Small-passerine Fatalities from Collision with Wind Turbines at Wind Energy Facilities,” provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of small passerine fatalities from wind turbines in North America, including an assessment of potential impacts on populations. The study finds that, of the more than 5 billion small passerines in North America, an estimated 134,000-230,000, or less than 0.01%, collide annually with wind turbines. Click here to read the press release about the study. Click here to download the publication.

The AWWI-hosted NWCC Wind Wildlife Research Meeting serves as the main forum for sharing the most recent wind power-related wildlife research, with the Proceedings offering a summary of the information presented at the meeting. The 2016 Wind Wildlife Research Meeting XI Proceedings show a continued emphasis on technology and innovation, and mark 22 years of wind-wildlife research.  For a copy of the Proceedings click here.

New research is released regularly, and AWWI hosts quarterly NWCC webinars to provide scientists and tool developers an opportunity to share their work with all interested stakeholders. For recordings and presentations on past webinars as well as information for upcoming ones, please click here.

AWWI facilitates on-going research through the Sage-Grouse Research Collaborative. For more information on this research, please click here.

For information on the recent research on Greater Prairie-Chicken and wind energy overseen by the Grassland Community Collaborative of the NWCC, please click here

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