Solar Symposium

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Save the Date: December 1-3, 2021

This website will be updated with more details in the coming months, so check back soon!

Solar power is estimated to grow up to eight-fold in the next decade. Solar developers and others working to advance renewable energy recognize that, along with successful commercialization, sustainable development requires investment into understanding and minimizing risk from the interactions between solar energy facilities, wildlife, and natural resources.

The Solar Symposium will convene experts and stakeholders from academia, industry, conservation, consultants, and public agencies to review the state of the science, and identify research gaps and priority questions.

Call for Abstracts

The American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) is now accepting abstracts for presentations and posters to be presented as on-demand content at the Symposium.

Download Full Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 15, 2021

To submit an abstract, please visit:

Key Dates:

  • August 15, 2021: Abstracts due
  • September 2021: Registration for Symposium opens
  • Early October 2021: Submitters notified of abstract selection
  • Early November 2021: On-demand content due for all posters and presentations


The Symposium will identify key concepts around balancing conservation and a rapidly growing solar market, and highlight what we know and emerging topics/questions related to:

  • Evaluating and Mitigating Impacts on Wildlife and Their Habitats
  • Land Management and Wildlife Compatibility
  • Water Resource Management
  • Solar Life-Cycle and Natural Resource Considerations


  • Day 1: “Solar 101” workshop that presents foundational information related to solar power and wildlife and natural resources.
  • Days 2-3: Live in-depth presentations on the current state of the science for solar and wildlife/natural resources.
  • On-demand presentations: Researchers will present on the state of the science on solar and wildlife/natural resources, with presentations released before the Symposium to watch at your convenience.


AWWI has launched a scholarship program for higher-ed students with an interest in renewable energy and wildlife conservation to attend the 2021 Solar Symposium. The program aimed to support students from diverse backgrounds to learn about solar-wildlife/natural resources and interact with professionals in the field. To learn more, contact us.


Today, many of AWWI’s industry partners are siting, constructing, and/or operating commercial solar facilities. As solar power expands, questions are arising about integrating solar power with conservation of wildlife and other natural resources. Understanding the state of the science and research gaps will help ensure sustainable solar buildout. Building on our unique collaborative model for understanding and addressing wind-wildlife challenges and expertise in planning 13 successful Wind Wildlife Research Meetings, AWWI is well positioned to bring a broad spectrum of parties together to establish a path forward for solar power and wildlife/natural resources.


Thank you to the Solar Symposium Champions & Sponsors!

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